Hi there,

It looks like it’s been almost two weeks since I wrote something here so maybe it’s time for an update. I’ve been working a bit which again is good for building up my studio, but doesn’t allow a lot of time for making stuff. That said, I still try to play guitar most days.

My latest musical obsession has been Jimi Hendrix. I listened to some interviews with him recently and watch some live footage of his band on Youtube. Of course we all know him as a pioneering guitarist and a great improvisor. I really enjoy his wild guitar tone and playing style; his use of classic effects such as fuzz, Uni-Vibe and wah-wah. I’m listening to ‘Electric Ladyland’ as I type and would like to explore more of his recordings as it’s been a while.

Lately I feel my interest in dub slipping back and my most recent project is building a spring-reverb unit to use with Logic Pro X. So far I have the tube pre-amps that I think I need to power the reverb tank that I will order this week. Eventually I’ll make a post about it and share some insights into how I put it together and how successful the project was. Fingers crossed it works!

The local library has been keeping me entertained with DVDs. I’ve been watching docos on The Berlin Wall, the art of Germany and I also watched a doco on Waco all of which were enlightening. On Sunday night I lay on my couch to watch ‘Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri’ and enjoyed it. A little weak dialogue let it down somewhat but overall it was a reasonably compelling story and the main characters were endearing. I’d put it in the same category as films like Fargo and other offerings from the Coen Brothers.

Well that’s enough outta me for now. Be sure to check out my ‘Marketing 101’ post on here if you are a musician or small business person interested in sharpening your marketing skills. I just put up point #3 today which should give you plenty to investigate and work on if you haven’t read any of it yet.

Best wishes,