Well it looks like it’s been 19 days since I last wrote anything here on this homepage. Much can happen in 19 days and I’ve posted most of it on Instagram now that I have a new account on there. I’ve bought new parts for my Stratocaster upgrades(x2), building my spring reverb unit for dub-mixing and watching lots of French films/documentaries this past week or so and posting them with ratings on my ‘Stories’.

I’ve added a few more topics to my ‘Marketing Basics For Musicians’ post in the blog section and once again I have to question whether it’s worth the effort. It does disappoint me when I don’t see much positive feedback on it but I guess marketing is kinda boring so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised.

The thing is that I actually like marketing and see it as a challenge. I’ve said to my Mum that, “marketing is a bit like fishing” – my Dad is a keen fisherman you see so it’s a good analogy to draw if I want my parents to understand me, my motivations and my life choices. You study the waters, you select the bait and you throw your line in. If you are angling in new territory you never know what might come to the surface!

So yeah, marketing. A bit like fishing. If you’re like my Dad you spend a lot of time reading about the best spots to find the prized fish, you scour eBay for the finest lures and you spend hours on the water. Then you take selfies on your iPhone and post them to show your fishing mates on Facebook.

I used to dislike fishing with my Dad. Well, I enjoyed the moments when we shared a box of ‘Savoury Shapes’ and how Dad would say that the triangle ones tasted best. I’d choose the triangles for Dad and I’d eat the hexagons.

But for the most part, fishing with Dad wasn’t my favourite thing to do. Not because I didn’t want to hang out with my Dad, just because I was mostly into Lego and being cosy inside, especially when it was cold. My Dad is a tough bloke and I admire him for that. He’s one of the toughest men I know. I’m a bit of a pussy.

I’ve had an easy winter this year. No more driving Italian tuc-tucs in minus temperatures delivering newspapers and magazines around Copenhagen; no more putting posters up in the freezing cold and pouring rain in Melbourne. This has been my life for the past six or so years. Fortunately I’ve been inside for most of this winter, working in a music shop selling guitars, synths and whatnot to people of all kinds.

This season brings a sense of relief. I have weathered the storm of the past 25 years since leaving home and the cyclone that tore through my life in the most recent years.

My studio is coming together again nicely since I landed back in Melbourne and I feel the urge to make music much more than I did after being so devastated on my return. I am grateful to have a good job with friendly colleagues and customers. I get to do a little social media tinkering with the Music Swop Shop Facebook and Instagram accounts and it’s fun for me to do a little fishing there. Trying different lures, casting my line and seeing what it comes back with.

I guess I better open up Logic X and see what I can make. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past year is that I owe it to myself to make the music I have so desperately wanted for so many years. As my housemate says: “Everything in it’s allocated time.”. To be a successful fisherman requires patience, and that’s one skill I need to improve on. The be a successful musician requires practice.

Thanks for stopping by,