I’ve been on a French theme lately. French cinema, french history, Napoleon, etc… not really any French music though. I’ve written about this on my Facebook page.

Music wise I have mostly just been focused on playing guitar rather than listening to a lot of other artists. I don’t get much control over the playlist at work so I’m mostly hearing what other people are selecting and that’s ok.

Some music docos I have enjoyed recently include: the BBC series, ‘Folk America’ and ‘Soul Boys Of The Western World’, a Spandau Ballet documentary; plus the George Harrison movie by Martin Scorsese.

My MIJ Strat came back to me this week after Paul Dalby installed some new USA pickups and all new electronics in it. I posted a picture on my Instagram and wrote a little about it there. It’s been something I’ve been saving up for and working towards for a little while now.

Next up is choosing which of my Aria Pro II guitars gets new electronics next. They both have pickup upgrades already. I’m thinking that maybe the TA-650SP would be good with a new bridge pickup (Seymour Duncan JB) and maybe the pots probably aren’t as good as the ones in the PE-85. I’ve open up the PE to see that it has some Japanese made pots in there. I can’t see what’s inside the semi-hollow guitar.

I’ll be ordering a Kurt Cobain style combo of DiMarzios for my Squier Contemporary Strat. I want that to be an 80s shred machine with pickups to match. I already have some CTS pots waiting for that one. I just keep working and saving my pennies.

The studio is coming together pretty well now. I don’t really need much more but I would like a new MIDI controller that talks to Logic X better. The old one I have requires an application to map the controls which is not ideal. I am looking at the Nektar Panorama P4 as it is programmed to work with Logic and has all the features I need in a controller. It would be great to have something that I can do some digital dub mixing with to have the perfect hybrid set-up of a few analog outboard pieces but still work inside the box.

Well that’s about it for now. I have a day off and I need to tidy my room. There’s cobwebs and dust to clear away in this crowded little space.

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