I deleted my Instagram this week as I grew tired of it. It’s much more enjoyable to focus on my studio projects than be maintaining SoMe accounts. Besides, I get plenty of opportunity to flex my marketing muscles at work. Too much advertising; too many things that I don’t need to see. So yeah, Instagram gone.

My stint of movie watching has also come to a close and it’s a nice feeling to want to make music at night instead of vegging on the couch. That said I have seen some great films that have enriched my life. The most recent notable film I watched was ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ by Ken Loach which is a drama about the beginnings of the I.R.A. in Ireland. I recommend it.

Studio-wise I am learning to use microphones and getting reacquainted with Logic X and the plugins I have bought over the past five or more years. I have also been testing out Fabfilter’s Pro-C2 which is great and the Valhalla Delay which I also like. Some things are much cheaper and better in the box and it’s good to have a balance of both analog and digital tools. I’ll be buying both plugins when I have the spare cash.

Well that’s about enough for now. I’ll be surprised if anyone reads this as I no longer have any channels to promote the activity on this site but you never know…

Until next time,