Hey there,

Normally I’d post a new release or WIP up top here but this month is gonna be different. I’ve posted the new Ved Sengen logo by Glenno instead.

The new icon is probably my biggest news this month. Well at least it’s the most exciting thing that I can share with you. Otherwise I’ve been quietly making music here in my room, taking my time with it.

Which really is what the tortoise on my logo represents. The candlestick is a reference to where the music gets made. ‘By The Bed’. Slowly, but surely.

I had planned to finish a few more tracks this year but decided that it was best not to rush them out the door. I’m now torn between completing some really old ones and developing new ideas. It felt best to do a bit of both. Allow myself to go wherever the wind takes me.

Buying Melodyne and some Sonnox plugins as part of the Black Friday sale has also been exciting too, I guess. I’ve been waiting to get Melodyne because it’s gonna help me work on some demos I’ve got here waiting.

Batch #2 of ‘The ‘Pit’

In other news, Tim made another batch of ‘The ‘Pit‘ pedals which was great to see. I’ve been using my silver one on bass and my ‘Pit Plus’ sits on my guitar board. The Tym ODP666 (DOD 250) pre-amp has been getting some use. I really like it. If you don’t want to lash on the Tym pedals, used Pro Co and DOD reissues can be found for good prices. I’d only recommend getting the Tym stuff if you want to buy hand built, ’boutique’ stuff or are into collecting pedals.

Most of the Sandpit tees are sold now which is great. It was nice to do them but I also realised how hard it is to sell merch for a band that is inactive. It’s nice that a few people get to have a shirt though. We only ever made one t-shirt back in the day.

Well this heat is not the best for my work ethic, nor my patience for writing. I do hope that I can continue to make music over the Summer. My room gets incredibly hot with studio gear turned on which is not ideal. Especially as I have to sleep in here too.

Anyways, First World Problems, innit.

Until next month.

Take care,


• ‘Addicted Australia’ (SBS TV)
• ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’ (film)
• ‘Mildred Pierce’ (film) – the last of my exploration of the ‘mystery’ genre…
• ‘Life Of Pi’
• ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (I hadn’t seen it before)
• ‘The English Patient’ (Yes, there’s a theme here…)

If you can recommend any films in the ‘epic’ genre, fire away!

Check out the new Aesop Rock album. He makes most of his beats these days which I think is pretty great.

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