Sometimes it’s good to start over. A lot has happened in my life these past five years or so and I’m only really landing back on my feet again. I’m grateful for the experience but it feels like it’s time to wipe the slate clean as far as my music making self goes and start a new chapter. What that is I am not 100% certain but I do know that I intend to be myself and to focus on making stuff that challenges me and isn’t trying to fit into any genre, style or ‘scene’.

I’m getting closer to my studio goals in terms of having all of the things I feel that I need to make the sounds I imagine that I’d like to make. I have some decent guitars now and the only thing I’d really like now is a tube mic pre-amp and a Fender Princeton Reverb for clean tones but I can manage without both of those things. My studio is looking great now and I am very happy with what I have collected.

My Instagram account will show you a few of the recent editions which include an Epiphone Sheraton guitar, Alesis Samplepad and a new Cioks power brick which tidies up the tangle of power adapters on my desktop. It also gives me some power for pedals to use with my re-amper and Logic X.

I have tendonitis at the moment which is annoying so I can’t type much. It comes from overuse of the same muscles in my right forearm which is frustrating. Using a mouse, cleaning and playing guitar are the culprits. I’m trying to take it easy so I can get back to playing guitar again.

The local libraries have been keeping me supplied with foreign films lately. Three highlights since I last wrote an update here include: ‘The Magdalene Sisters’ (Ireland), ‘Lore’ (Germany/Australia) and ‘Broken Embraces’ (Spain). If you’re interested in any movie recommendations from me or have some films or directors you could suggest for me to explore I’d like to hear from you.

Well that’s about enough from me this time. I should quickly mention that there is some interest in releasing Sandpit’s ‘The Hunting Picture’ compilation on vinyl so if that’s something you would like to buy, please drop me a message and let me know so I can pass the information on to the Melbourne label that might do it.

Until next time,