Marketing Crash Course #3: Objectives & Goal Setting.

So now you’ve unpacked your mission, vision and values. Do you have a stronger idea of who you are? Is there a little more clarity in terms of knowing what you want and how you are going to go about doing it?

Hopefully the answer is “yes” and you’ve made some steps towards writing your mission and vision statements. You also have a list of core values. Don’t worry too much about perfecting this in writing just now. If you can, then that’s awesome, but just having a clear understanding of what is important to you will help you to start conveying your mission and vision to others. [Daniel H. Pink’s book, ‘To Sell Is Human’ talks about various types of pitches and perhaps this might be some good inspiration.]

After doing these exercises myself recently I was able to use my core values to help me compose some kind of mission and vision statement. What I wrote wasn’t perfect but it helped me to think about what I want to achieve and what my objectives are in the long and short term.

My long term goals personal achievements that include writing, recording and performing music. My short term goals are marketing/business objectives to assist me in my quest to be that artist, songwriter, music producer, performer person. This is where ‘SMART goals‘ come in.

My two main objectives right now are:
1. Create passive income.
2. Build my online following/audience.

Creating passive income will support my activities and of course I need an audience for these things. Making this website, writing blog posts, curating this little course, sharing sample packs, programming beats to jam to… these are all things I want to do regardless of whether they make money. But of course I need an income to sustain these activities. So the logical thing is to get paid for some of it.

I’ll tell you right now that I haven’t set any formal SMART goals for myself with these things, but I should. I have a loose plan to write a new blog post each week. I’d also like to upload a new jam beat each week also. I’ve got plans to try out affiliate links on some of my blog posts to see if it generates any income.

I could sit down and say: “I want income-X by X-date’ or, “I want to get X-number of followers on Instagram by X-date”, but that feels a little too unachievable and unrealistic right now. However, I can still use this concept to focus on activities that will bring the desired outcomes and I can track my progress via the insights and stats on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, etc.

I’m not ‘smashing it’ by any means but at least having written down my objectives and knowing what they are helps me to stay somewhat focused. Am I allocating time to making things that will generate passive income? What can I do to build my online following? Establishing your most important objectives and setting some real, ‘SMART’ goals will help you create some kind of plan. Even a vague plan is better than no plan.

Please take a moment to read the Mind Tools article and see how you can set a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound goal based on your current objectives. I’ll try to do the same with mine.

See you again for part four.

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