Marketing 101 For Musicians

This week I have been revising some of my study notes from my time at KEA in Copenhagen. The best thing to come from this is to remind myself of some marketing models we were taught and to see how I applied them to what I was doing in my spare time, which was helping to run events at Bolsjefabrikken and Rumkraft.

I’ve also been able to use my marketing tool kit to develop strategies, campaigns and generally improve my marketing efforts and save some valuable time. Not everything we learned during my diploma is going to be useful in terms small business and some of it is way too heavy for a micro-business, especially someone who really just wants to be creative. However, there are most certainly a few models and concepts that might assist a musician to set goals, develop a strategy and build a strong ‘brand’.

I’ve wanted to share a few tid-bits for a while now but I’d like to make it super simple and low-fuss (for myself – and for you too) as there’s no point to me re-writing articles that already exist and we both really would rather be making stuff instead.

The best I feel that can offer at this stage is a list of topics which might be of use to you as a musician – models and exercises you can teach yourself from the many articles you will find on the internet. Maybe one day it would be great to work on a team to make a proper website – so if you are someone who can make that happen, please get in touch…

But for now, let’s get started:

    I’ll add to this post over time, but the first and possibly one of the most valuable things I keep going back to is a SWOT analysis, which you can then use to form some TOWS strategies. This is a really good way to take a look at where you are at and indentify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Once you’ve established this you can then use your lists to develop strategies that take advantage of the pros and combat the cons.
    This is the who, what, when, where and how of you and your ‘brand’/project. Taking some time to consider what your core values are will help you to draft a mission and vision statement that will better communicate your ideas and your ethics to others. This allows your audience to better understand what you want to do and how you intend to do it.
    This is an evolution of the 4P, marketing mix model of McCarthy which substitutes ‘Product, Price, Place and Promotion’ for: Customer, Cost (to satisfy), Convenience and Communication. What do your fans want? What does it cost them to satisfy their needs? How can you make the enjoyment of what you do most convenient for your target group? How will you communicate your values, ideas and activities?

Next week I’ll add something new so come back and check this post for another topic to Google. Have fun working on your music ‘business’ and I’ll catch you again soon.