Building a modest mic-kit.

It’s been almost two years back in Melbourne and I’ve collected guitars, an amp and effects pedals. Slowly building up a studio again, kinda from scratch. The next logical step was to find a way to record myself.

I already have an OK firewire sound-card and Logic Pro X plus plenty of great audio plugins. I did some research about cab simulation technology (by the likes of Two Notes) and amp modelling (Fractal Audio, Line 6, Kemper, etc) but that is a very expensive way to get some audio onto my laptop.

Something felt right about choosing an analog route and it’s been a much cheaper way to document my guitar playing. I bought an sE 2200a IIC from a mate first of all, plus a mic stand for recording vocals. Then I found a secondhand Shure SM57 in great condition at Music Swop Shop and bought a small boom stand for it so I could record my amp.

I decided that I also wanted to try my hand at recording acoustic guitar so I did some Googling and found some articles on recording acoustic guitar in stereo. At first I used both the mics I owned (with an addition small boom stand) but today I picked up a new sE7 from Manny’s which I got on sale for a great price. I’ve just done a quick test with my guitarlele to see how it sounds and I have a long way to go to getting a decent sound with it, but it’s fun to have a go.

Rick Beato has a good combo amp micing video that I watched last night and I am keen to experiment with that. Rick sparked my interest in getting a Sennheiser MD421 which is now on my shopping list. I really enjoy the videos on his YouTube channel.

I think it will be super nice to have a small mic-kit in my home/bedroom studio. It seems that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have some useful mics around to play with.

sE7 and sE2200a II C with Anuenue Guitarlele

30 rimshot samples from vinyl

Thanks to Alex Sleeper I was able to get Bandcamp to allow me to include ZIP file downloads on my account which will make delivering sample packs much easier now. All you need to do is write to them and ask nicely.

Today I added 30 rimshot samples that I recorded from vinyl records which should be useful for a bunch of genres including dub, reggae, dubstep, RnB, hip-hop and also good for layering to add some snap or click to your snare.

I hope you get some use out of these sounds and the other vinyl percussion I have posted on my Baddums Bandcamp page.

Happy producing!