Teaching myself music theory.

My boss went away for a holiday to Florida for three weeks so I picked up a few extra shifts at work which helped me pay off my lay-bys but I’ve missed some time to myself. Naturally musicians who work in music shops get tempted easily by the constant flow of new gear coming into the store. I am no exception. At least my studio is getting better equipped for these free days…

Today I have been tending to my household obligations and what-not, listening to some Jungle mixes from Echo Chamber label owner, LQ (continued from a Jungle rinse out yesterday at work) and also adding some new stuff to my ‘music theory folder’ at the local library.

I’ve bought a few guitar-focused music theory books (from Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace) and have compiled some diagrams into a folder as an easy reference when practicing scales (in standard tuning). I am enjoying this process very much after fumbling my way around a guitar for many years.

Two books I have bought which I recommend so far are:
‘Music Theory’ by Tom Kolb (Hal Leonard)
‘Chord Tone Soloing’ by Barrett Tagliarino (Hal Leonard)

Today I also had a ‘Big Mud’ by Tym Guitars arrive in the mail thanks to Patrick from Key Out (from Sydney) who I am helping with pre-production for his/their new album. The muff-style fuzz is a welcomed addition to my arsenal of effects and I used it to practice some arpeggios this afternoon. So far I have enjoyed Patrick’s guitar playing and I look forward to hearing the band’s progress.

If you are interested in having me help you with your music project as a collaborator, mentor or consultant please get in touch as this is stuff that I enjoy to do.

My ‘music theory folder’ and some pedals.